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Finally get the functional tea you deserve!

try our fav winter tea!

Practicing Presence with herbal tea


Add 1 to 2 tsp of tea to your favorite filter or reusable tea bag.

BodySoul Check: while you're preparing do a self check...Which tea will support what you need right now?

I need rest


Bring 8 ounces/230ml of fresh spring water to a boil. Pour the water over the tea and allow it to steep for 5-10 minutes

Be Present: Feel the gift of connection you are giving yourself


Sip slow: Where coffee is for convenience, tea is enjoyed. So take your time. This moment is for you.

Take the first sip, taste the flavors, take in this moment of deep appreciation and gratitude.

I could honestly drink this everyday with no sugar.


That tea is amazing! I was so pleasantly surprised when I opened the packages. The taste is amazing and I just feel healthier ingesting it


Nocturnal-I slept pretty good🥰 It was tasteful and I slept well. I love the packaging!


The tea is delicious!!! Im definitely going to be a regular!


It was really good! I didn't even have to add a sweetener! I boiled it on the stove in a teabag and the aroma went all through the house!


Just a quick message I got back about the gift box I sent ! It was a hit and apparently I’ll need to order more tea soon for my uncle 😍
Uncle is a tea drinker, (I’m not),and is madly in Love with the tea. He’s been trying to stretch it out as much as possible. It’s sooo funny to watch him gingerly use the tea not spilling at Tiny bit.
Thank You 🙏 sooooo much

Nina P.

Its time to step up your self care game.

Self-care is more than a spa day with friends or treating yourself to a nice pair of pajamas...we love that too! But are you taking time to treat and care for the rest of your body?

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